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A near future, 100 years from now. A woman’s soul is implanted in another’s body. Soul, heart, mind, or body—what do we love about our significant others?

When Ayano wakes up, she finds herself in another woman’s body. Actually, Ayano died at the age of 26, 100 years ago. Ayano’s soul was implanted in a body of woman named Kirie. A deep sense of loss and despair overwhelms Ayano. Her significant others—husband and child—are no longer alive in this world. Adding on that, Ayano must live as Kirie now, a wife of Syu and their newly born baby Kozue...


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About the Author

Takaomi Saki is a novelist. She has been writing novels since 2010. With Reincarnation, Ms. Saki won

the 3rd The Sanagi Award. 

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