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Rise of 70 Business Model Innovations examines the business innovations that have shaped the world as we know it today, from the early innovations of the 15th century, all the way up to modern day startup companies.

Whether you read this book in its entirety, or use it simply as a reference book, it is sure to inspire you to push further in your field.  Whether it be Ford, Xerox, Nintendo or Google, you will a find detailed back story for each company, as well as a detailed look at how they changed their respective industry.


1.An overview of business models2.The birth of modern business models (1673-1969)3.The modern business revolution (1970-1990)4.The IT boom (1991-2001)5.The age of the startup (2002-2014)6.How to spur innovation

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About the Author

Rise of Business Model Innovations

Koji Mitani is an Business Book Award and Harvard Business Review Award-winning and author and professor, with consulting  experience at Boston Consulting Group and Accenture.  He is currently the director of a non-profit organization focusing on education for people of all ages.  He is considered a trusted and respected authority on business in Japan.

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