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Beautiful watercolor illustrations accompany poetry by Shuntaro Tanikawa on the transience of life itself.  But rather than a bittersweet message, his is one of hope and empowerment that child and adult alike will find enjoyment and inspiration in.


About the Author

Poetry: Shuntaro Tanikawa

A poet and an author, Tanikawa released his first book of poetry in 1952.  Since then, he has worked in various fields in addition to poetry including translation, screenplays, and picture books.  He has won awards for his translations of Mother Goose’s nursery rhymes as well as his poetry.

Art: Yasushi Tsukamoto

Tsukamoto is a popular and prolific artist.  His books are educational, yet enjoyable and accessible to people of all ages.  Notable titles include The Poop Book, The Other Boy, and Died for Me.

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