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This easy to read volume on day to day paradoxes provides readers with essential philosophies for life. The lessons in this book can be applied to both business situations and personal life, helping readers overcome difficulties and develop deep self respect.


Chapter 1. How to Wreck Your Life
Chapter 2. Don't Rely on Methodologies to Get You Through Things
Chapter 3. Learn How to Differentiate the Important from the Unimportant
Chapter 4. There's No Time to Feel Completely at Ease Until Death

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About the Author

Strengthen Your Mind: A Paradoxical Approach

Shiratori is the translator of the million-selling Nietzsche’s Words. After studying philosophy, theology, and literature at Freie Universität Berlin, he worked as an interpreter and commentator. He has published a number of works on philosophy and religious issues which have won the hearts of readers through his simple yet uncompromising writing style.

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