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Minimize mistakes and boost productivity with systemization.

We can reduce the mistakes and overtime work by using systems in the workplace.  No matter the industry, the techniques in this book will help you take your organizations efficiency to the next level.  Prove to yourself the difference that systems can make in your work and in your life.



1.5 perks of being systematic2.The 3 golden rules3.Why I use a systematic approach4.Efficient information gathering and management5.10 rules for dealing with email6.8 ways to increase focus7.Effective multitasking8.Gmail-style project management9.Share and catalog mistakes10.Recreate results with checklists11.Share ideas in meetings12.Systems that don’t require leaders13.Aim for simplicity14.Use downtime for brainstorming15.Three habits of successful people16.Make a system that will endure

About the Author

About the author

Izumi is an author, as well as a board member for the Kinyugakushukyokai, an organization that teaches money literacy.  He has written more than 30 books, and has sold over 1.5 million copies collectively.

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