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“Follow your Tao”—Laozi’s teachings liberate us from inauthentic ways of life. Japan’s forerunner of Laozi studies, Professor Yasutomi devoted his fives years to this contemporary, radical interpretation of Laozi.  

The core of Laozi’s teachings lies in a dynamic view of the world. We never enter the same stream twice, and there is nothing that remains static and unchanging. The danger is that we often get fixated on what appears as true in our time. Laozi’s teachings is the most well-read Chinese classical philosophy, not only in Japan, but elsewhere in the world. But, at the same time, it is notoriously difficult to read. We got you. Prof. Yasutomi’s contemporary, easy-to-read interpretation of Laozi will bring you to the next level of understanding, and life. 


About the Author

Ayumi Yasutomi is a professor at the University of Tokyo. Dr. Yasutomi graduated from the University of

Kyoto and joined the Sumitomo Banking Cooperation. After several years of working, Dr. Yasutomi went

to pursue a graduate degree and became a professor. His many books include introduction to economics,

management theory, music and Chinese classical philosophy.  

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