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  3. The Age of Aesthetic Gap: Aesthetic Medicine Development


Buying beauty and youth is a privilege given to today’s people. However, do we really know how to use the new technology wisely? This book gives a prescription to people living in the age of aesthetic gap.

Plastic surgery and other aesthetic medical practices are more common than ever today. Such rapid increase in the number of aesthetic medicine providers has created what the author defines as “aesthetic gap,” where people without reliable information are left out in this aesthetic competition. “Be assured,” this book says. It will teach you how to distinguish good practices from bad ones, as well as what you can do with this privilege. 


1. Preface 

2. Reality of the field of aesthetic medicine

3. Choosing doctors you can trust

4. What you can do by aesthetic medicine

5. Appendix 

6. Postface

About the Author

Hoichi Otake is a medical journalist with a track record of published books that have successfully disclosed the hidden facts of the medical world. After graduation from the University of Kyoto, Mr. Otake became an editor for a

magazine. Since 1990s, Mr. Otake has been an independent medical journalist.  

Our Books