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From Immanuel Kant to Peter Drucker, The Work Book contains the timeless wisdom that the legendary figures reflected upon work. A great companion for any business person at every career stage from new hire to executive level.

Work is not just about making money. We know that very well, but we often get caught up in everyday trifles and lose a sight of a bigger picture. After days and weeks of hard work, all we want is good food, drink, sleep, and this goes on and on. We must start thinking to break out of the mindless repetition, and find a meaning in our work. This book is a perfect companion for your journey towards that goal. With diverse frameworks in a concise workbook format, The Work Book is full of conceptual tools that will enable you to see and do work in a completely different light. From new hire to executive level, this book will strongly support you wherever you are in your career, as well as answering philosophical questions about work. A bible for  the all workers.


1. Work & Career

2. Independence & Growth

3. Knowledge & Ability

4. Meaning & Motivation

5. Working in a company

6. Mental Health



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About the Author

Mr. Noboru Murayama is the CEO of Career Corporate

Consulting, specialized in organizational and HR issues.

His unique approach to corporate training programs is

highly praised in Japan. Mr. Murayama graduated from

Keio University and has worked for renowned Japanese

companies until 2003. He holds MBA from Hitotsubashi

University in Japan.

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