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The founder of nagomi yoga shares her expert advice on how to achieve harmony at work and at home, as well as in friendships, romantic relationships, and with your family. 

The tips in this book are arranged by topic, making this an easy to use resource even for busy people.  The lessons in this book are easy enough for beginners, and each chapter includes diagrams as well that show you the correct form for each position as well as proper breathing technique.


1.Relaxing your body for work

2.Relaxing your body for health

3.How relaxing your body can benefit your relationships

4.How relaxing your body can benefit your family

5.Learning to relax for your partner

6.Learning to relax for life

About the Author

Gandhari Keiko Matsumoto is the founder of the nagomi (lit. soft or calm) school of yoga, a style of yoga that is meant to be easy enough for anyone to be able to do it.  A counselor by trade, she found that if her clients could make their bodies loose and relaxed, their minds would follow.  In addition to her yoga studio in Roppongi, she also holds events and workshops all over the greater Tokyo area.  In addition to the great benefits that healthy people have experienced through nagomi yoga, it is also currently being used for rehabilitation for victims of strokes and car accidents. 

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