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The head priest at a temple with more than 780 years of history gives his insights on life through the teachings of Buddha.


We were given this life as a gift, and so it’s our duty to live it to the fullest.  This means thinking not only about ourselves, but being sensitive and considerate to those around us as well.  It means developing new, positive habits and ways of thinking.  Each of us has a role to play in the world, and fulfilling that role is the secret to true happiness.

These 90 tips will bring you harmony and lasting contentment!

• We are constantly in motion, never static

• Everyone and everything is connected

• There is positive to be found in any situation

• Enlightenment brings serenity


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About the Author

Osho Nansen was appointed to the prestigious position of head priest of Jigen temple in 1998.  Far from a bland ascetic, he makes it his duty to spread Buddhist teachings to the masses, believing that everyone can better themselves and their existence with just a little bit of wisdom.

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