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Yukari Midorikawa awakens one morning to see that his hair has mysteriously turned bright green over night.  Naturally he is alarmed and confused, but he has no choice but to go to school despite his strange appearance.

Upon his arrival he is shocked to find that every student at the school suddenly has gaudy, brightly colored hair as well.  But the strangest part of all is that no one seems to notice.

Just as he is starting to panic a young woman with bright red hair appears.  She explains that collecting three people with the same hair color will cause them to disappear.  This detail is unknown by most students, but the ones who do know about it think of it as a game.  No one knows what happens to the students that vanish, and no one knows what powers are behind this twisted institution.

Yukari is the newest addition to the game.  How will he fare?


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