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In 2020, where do you imagine yourself living and working? The time of global mobility has come. 

The age of globalism is much criticized for what it has done to the local market and employment; but it has also brought us great benefits—global mobility. In the 21st century, being a global citizen is not just an abstract ideal. There are a lot of people who have already moved onto this stage, and now it’s your turn.  Don’t let where you’re born be the sole determinant of your future. 

The Next Life, Unbounded is a collection of interviews with people who moved away from Tokyo or Japan altogether. Being away from one of the “centers” of the world, Tokyo, each interviewee pursues an ideal life of his or her own. This book is a realistic account on pros and cons of such lifestyle, and opens up the possibility for the next, unbounded move for you!  



1.Reality of Migration in Japan

2.Domestic Migration, Its Pros/Cons 

3.Global Migration, Its Pros/Cons

4.Future of Our Moving Life 

5.Group Discussion   

About the Author

Tomohiko Yoneda is the chief editor of the Life Hacker, Japan. He has experienced several industries including publishing, IT technology, television broadcasting, and radio DJ. He is one of the first Japanese to practice and spread the global nomadic lifestyle. 

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