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From 1945 to 2016—this chronicle of a Japanese family is a poignant reminder for us all: what is family? what is work? 

Shuhei quit a job at a prestigious firm and started his own prep school. Soon he found it difficult to balance family and work. The school wasn’t doing well to begin with. One day, Shuhei happened to find a magical candy that would bring memories of his ancestors to his dreams. This “Roots Candy” took him through multiple timelines of his family, and he came to perceive family and work from a wholly different perspective.

The Roots Story: A Novel is a wonderful read, sweet yet dramatic, and most of all, hopeful. When the future seems so dark and hopeless, a book like this can change how we think about ourselves, family and life.

“We need to plant seeds of hope.” 


About the Author

Yasushi Kitagawa is an educator and author.  He is the founder of the revolutionary Somei school, which focuses on human development for young students who are preparing for college.  He has written several books on the subject of self-enrichment.

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