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Based on a lecture at New York University that drew attention from coaches around the world given by author Mamoru Itoh, the founder and CEO of a leading coaching firm in Japan, this book introduces management methods that optimize employees' outputs.This method, which requires you to spend only three minutes on a short and focused conversation with a single employee, is based upon Itoh’s firm belief in the importance of managers engaging with their employees. This unique management style combines both Eastern and Western management philosophies, melding the strengths of Japanese management styles with coaching techniques highly regarded in Western countries.


Topics include:

• 'Three-Minute Coaching' to create a platform for communication

• Seizing the moment

• When do employees need a coach?

• Organizing thoughts

• Generating new ideas

• Charting growth

• Creating an environment where employees can speak freely

• Building trusting relationships

• Creating a 'place of belonging’

• Creating a vision

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・Complex Chinese (Taiwan)

About the Author

The Three Minute Coach

Founder & CEO of COACH A Co., Mamoru Itoh is recognized as a pioneer of professional coaching in Japan, being Japan’s first ever Master Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation.  As the author of over 50 published books and numerous other works on communications and coaching, he has a deep interest in people’s relationships and how they communicate with one another.

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