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Learn about the power of knowledge that transcends culture and time period.

The True Value of Liberal Arts examines all that can be gained through knowledge of art, natural sciences, sociology, anthropology, music, film, literature, foreign languages, and much more.  All of these elements are integral parts of building a rich, robust culture. 

Of course the so-called hard sciences are vitally important as well, but author Hiroshi Segi would like to show why we would be foolish to overlook the liberal arts.  He draws examples from a variety of artists and pioneers including George Orwell, Miles Davis, and Francis Ford Coppola. 



1.Why do we study liberal arts?2.The basic ways we learn liberal arts3.Putting liberal arts to practical use

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About the Author

The True Value of Liberal Arts

After graduating with a law degree from the prestigious Tokyo University, Hiroshi Segi was a famous judge in district courts as well as the Japanese supreme court.  In 2012 he changed gears and became a law professor at Meiji University.

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