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Learning the right ways to relax can completely change the way you work. Takenori Inomata, MD PhD & MBA, breaks down the biggest secrets to working efficiently by explaining the best techniques to properly wind down.

What better way to work more efficiently than to relax more? In the modern business world where every decision is a battle against the clock, it is crucial to know exactly how to maximize work efficiency. Through his experiences and knowledge as a doctor, PhD and businessman, Dr. Inomata shares his most effective secrets for ultimate relaxation.

Backing his arguments with sound evidence, Dr. Inomata examines the merits of relaxing through a wide range of topics, including sleep, posture, eye care, diet and neuroscience.


1.How many hours should you sleep?

2.The best way to take a bath for relaxation

3.How changing the way you sit and walk can improve your physical condition

4.How to fix tired eyes from smartphones and computers

5.Which is better? Restricting calories or carbs?

6.What is mindfulness and how can it help you?

7.Does smoking and caffeine really soothe you?

About the Author

Takenori Inomata is a best-selling author and doctor (MD PhD) with an MBA from the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. Having also studied at the Schepens Eye Research Institute at Harvard University, Dr. Inomata has been applying his medical expertise and business acumen to help advance and globalize the Japanese field of medicine. He is also the founder of JGMS (Japan Global Career Support) and IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), the latter to which he serves as representative director.

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