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Ryunosuke Koike, a young Japanese monk like no other, reinterprets 190 personally selected quotations on spiritual training taught by Gautama Buddha 2,500 years ago into modern words. According to Koike, the teachings of Buddha are not just pieces of religious philosophy, but also practical methodologies for mind training that can be backed up by modern cognitive and psychological science. Some of the words will put readers to ease, with others calling for inner strength and bravery, all of the quotes are surprisingly easy to understand. With over 200,000 copies already sold, Buddha’s Voice has garnered much attention from both the mass media and publishing industry.


- No one other than yourself can ever hurt you

- Find happiness with what you are already given

- Why you should never drink alcohol

- There is no eternity in this world

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・Simplified Chinese

・Complex Chinese (Taiwan)

About the Author

Ryunosuke Koike

Ryunosuke Koike is a Japanese monk who is actively involved in practices that extend beyond traditional Buddhist boundaries, such as holding meditation classes, and running his own website "Iede Cafe." Koike is charismatically popular amongst younger generations for his comprehensive yet easy to understand stress-busting Zen and Buddhist teachings. He has published 15 books in a three year period, with approximately 900,000 being printed in Japan. His latest work Buddha’s Voice Reinterpreted in Modern Words has sold over 200,000 copies alone.

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