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The inspirational words of the fiercely brilliant 19th century thinker, neatly arranged for your enjoyment.
Bestseller with over 1,250,000 copies sold around Asia, and frequently featured in most leading television programs, newspapers and magazines in Japan.

Nineteenth century German philosopher Nietzsche has heavily influenced 20th century philosophical thought with his original ideas on philosophical concepts such as nihilism and anti-religious thinking. This book is a selection of uplifting quotes that have much to offer the people of today, translated in an easy-to-understand manner free from complicated philosophical jargon.


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About the Author

Haruhiko Shiratori

Haruhiko Shiratori

Shiratori is the translator of the million-selling Nietzsche’s Words . After studying philosophy, theology, and literature at Freie Universität Berlin, he worked as an interpreter and commentator. He has published a number of works on philosophy and religious issues which have won the hearts of readers through his simple yet uncompromising writing style.

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