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The sequel to the mega-hit that sold 1.6 million copies across Japan, The Wisdom of Nietszche, has arrived!

In the midst of massive social change and upheaval, author Shiratori introduces inspiring quotes from Nietzsche that have been adapted into modern, easy-to-understand words. Nietzsche’s Words II is sure to give readers the strength and courage to go the extra mile and move forward in their lives.

The sequel to Nietzsche’s Words introduces a variety of quotes based upon themes of “The Creation of Life,” “Dealing with Calamity,” and “The Power to Move Upwards.” Nietzsche takes a flexible approach to life, emphasizing that instability and moments of futility are a vital part of the human existence.

According to Nietzsche, life is “a never-ending flux of change” that is “made from a mixture of joy and sorrow.” Nietzsche’s assertions that the human “desire to move upwards” allows us to “reach greater heights” as we never have before, are perfectly suited for the world we live in today.


・  Your potential is limitless. Go and make everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more a reality.

・  Faults and weaknesses are the best teachers.

・  Nobody is able to recognize truly new things.

・  As knowledge increases, anger and agitation decrease.

・  Causes and results are always transient.

・  If anyone and everyone can understand you, then you should pray that others begin to misunderstand you.

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About the Author

The Wisdom of Nietszche II

Haruhiko Shiratori

Shiratori is the translator of the million-selling Nietzsche’s Words. After studying philosophy, theology, and literature at Freie Universität Berlin, he worked as an interpreter and commentator. He has published a number of works on philosophy and religious issues which have won the hearts of readers through his simple yet uncompromising writing style

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