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  3. The Worrying Japanese: Life Consultation As A Mirror of Society


Japan’s leading sociologist analyzes a hundred years of the consultation section of a Japanese newspaper, where people post their life questions and concerns. This is as close as you could get to “the real Japan.”

What do you know about Japan? Green tea, anime, sushi… Sure. Contrary to the popularized image of Japan, this book offers a rare glimpse into the real voice of the people. Over a hundred years, Yomiuri Newspaper, a major newspaper company in Japan has been publishing the life consultation section. This is where you hear how people were trying to make their ways in their respective eras. Yet, according to the author, there are themes that pertain to all the eras—love, family, sexuality and so on. This is a must-read for anyone curious

about deep Japan. It will also teach you that, as different as we are, some questions are universal to us all. 


1. A real picture of our society  

2. Analysis of life consultation and its limits 

3. Life consultation on love and sexuality

4. Parasite problems in mid-age

5. Young people without ambitions 

6. What is behind today’s worries and concners?

About the Author

Prof. Masahiro Yamada is a professor of sociology at Chuo University in Japan. He is specialized in analysis of interpersonal relationship, specifically family, marriage, and lovers. He has written many books on these topics. Since 2010, he has been a consultant at the life consultation section of Yomiuri Newspaper.   

Our Books