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The Young Robot 

“I am not human.  I am a robot.”

The CRUNCH NOVELS Award-winning The Young Robot is whimsical, humorous, and full of warmth.


A humanoid “robot” named Rei Tezaki is living among junior high school students, unbeknownst to his fellow classmates.  He is programmed to bring happiness to those around him while blending into the crowd.  However one day something happens that lets the cat out of the bag, and threatens to destroy the friendships that he has worked so hard to cultivate. 

              Upon entering high school, Rei meets a girl named Sango.  Their relationship begins to strengthen through their mutual love of ping-pong.  Just when everything seems to be going well, Rei suddenly faints during a ping-pong match.  When he comes to, he realizes the truth that has been hidden from him all along…

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About the Author

The Young Robot

Yosuke Sakumoto

Currently resides in Yamanashi Prefecture.  Active on the CRUNCH MAGAZINE website, a site where people can post their novels.  Winner of the CRUNCH NOVELS Fresh Face Award.


The CRUNCH NOVELS New Face Award is more about the author than it is about the work itself.  The selection process involves data analysis, and is meant to recognize the debut works of unconventional authors and editing teams of the future.

Sekai Gyouten News (AKA The World’s Astonishing News)


Sekai Gyouten News is a popular documentary/variety show that has been on the air in Japan since April 2001.  Earlier this year they featured Yosuke Sakumoto in an almost one hour long segment that received a lot of attention throughout the country.  His appearance even caused him to shoot all the way up to #25 in the Amazon Japan book rankings. 

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