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With simple infographic and clear-cut explanation, this book provides an easy yet comprehensive introduction to today’s economics. From the prices of goods to cryptocurrency, every aspect of economy is explained with clarity and depth.

Economics is the basis of business! Understanding how to use money wisely! Seeing how the world runs on economics!

The mechanism of the prices of goods, the secret of brand products, what happens when economy is doing well , determining factors of the stock prices…With its simple infographics and descriptions, this book makes economics easy for everyone.


Chapter 1 Basics of economy is the prices of goods

- Commonalities between fish store and hotel

- Why shops do not raise the prices when it is reasonable to do so

- Cheapening of a currency is good or bad?

Chapter 2 Looking at the world from a perspective of economics

- Self-interest and competition are the vehicles of economy

- Economics as a tool to detect scam business

- What is cryptocurrency?

Chapter 3 What is the relationship between politics and economy?

- Can a government actually improve its economy?

- Did Abenomics produce any outcomes?

- What is the role of public works?

Rights Update

・Simplified Chinese

・Complex Chinese   (Taiwan)

About the Author

A professor of Sociology at Tokyo Metropolitan University.

He was born in Toono, Iwate, Japan in 1961. He graduated from Economics department at the University of Tokyo and completed a PhD program at Graduate School of Economics at the University of Tokyo. His books include Management of Decision Making, Strategy of Decision Making, Why You Are Always Losing Money, Theories of Behavioral Decision Making, and etc.,

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