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The favorite pictures of infants were completely opposite of what mothers liked.

What's coming out of the hat?


"I wanted to create a picture-book using the favorite characters of infants."

This picture-book was created from such a thought.


A lot of bright primary colors are used in most of the picture-books that are supposedly liked by infants. Although infants certainly look at the primary colors, this is actually caused by the great effect of the visual development, and has almost no relationship on whether the infant likes the color or not.

Therefore, we decided to hold a popularity vote of the characters, where the infants acted as the judges.

We arranged two characters each that were drawn based on the theme of an apprentice magician who was good at taking many things out of a hat to study which character was looked at the longest by the infants, and selected the No. 1 character.

Technology called eye tracking was used to track the point where the sight of the infants stared at, and the results of a somewhat special statistical process was completely opposite from the votes of the father and mother!


About the Author


She is an illustrator, born in 1972. She is a graduate of the Nippon Designers School, and the Setsu Mode Seminar. Her main line of work is illustrations for books, magazines and advertisements. Her favorite food is melons.

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