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What She Left Behind is brimming with insights on life, but it isn’t your typical self-help book. Author Yasushi Kitagawa offers a wide variety of life advice cleverly through a narrative of a young summer romance. Through a series of meetings, the two young lovers explore a variety of topics and come to many life-affirming conclusions.

Fiction fans and non-fiction fans alike will enjoy the charming, playful interactions of the protagonist, and will come away from the story with a new outlook on life.


1. Knowing what you want in life
2. Making your dreams a reality
3. The truth about financial success
4. Emphasizing your good points
5. Never be a slave to any one method
6. Throw away your preconceptions

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・Simplified Chinese

・Complex Chinese (Taiwan)

About the Author

Yasushi Kitagawa is an educator and author.  He is the founder of the revolutionary Somei school, which focuses on human development for young students who are preparing for college.  He has written several books on the subject of self-enrichment.

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