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Did you know that 30% of elementary school students and 65% of high school students suffer from nearsightedness?  If left unchecked, this progression can ultimately lead to blindness.  This book presents the facts about the prevention and treatment of nearsightedness, a condition that is growing at an alarming rate.



1.What is nearsightedness?

2.Taking a scientific look

3.Is lack of violet light the cause?

4.Your eyes “see” invisible light

5.Nearsightedness and aging

6.Treatment and prevention

7.Nearsightedness is preventable!

8.Prevention at home

9.Prevention with violet light

10.The project to educate children about nearsightedness

About the Author

After graduating from Keio medical school in 1980, Kazuo Tsubota studied at Harvard, ultimately finishing his fellowship in 1987.  He is on the board of organizations that deal with anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

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