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Can you confidently say that even if your last day was tomorrow you lived a life with no regrets?

Kotaro Hisui in his latest title, What if Tomorrow Was Your Last?, asks readers to imagine that today is the day they die and tomorrow the day they are reborn anew. Rather than putting things off, saying you’ll get around to them someday, start doing what you really want to do today.

We all spend our lives trying to deceive ourselves into believing we’ll never die. Rather than run away from the inevitable reality of death, why not embrace the inevitable and make the most of our time on earth instead? In learning how to truly accept the fact that all living creatures die someday, you will be able to understand your heart and lead a life true to yourself.

Posing 27 questions to readers such as, “Would the things causing you stress really seem that bad if today was your last day on earth?” and “When exactly is ‘someday?’” accompanied by worksheets to help write your own obituary and epitaph. Though seemingly macabre, in forcing ourselves to actively think about death we are also presented with the opportunity to think about life itself, and the way we use our limited time on earth.

You are alive.

There is nothing more miraculous than this.

In accepting the certainty of death, we are also able to accept the wonder that it is to live; leading a life in which every day is filled with promise, possibility, happiness, and gratitude.


What are the top five most important things in your life?

If you were to rank your life on a scale of one to 100, how many points would you give yourself now?

Do you know what your closest friends’ dreams are?

What purpose do you want your life to hold?

What was the happiest moment of your life?

What kind of person do you want to be?

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About the Author

Hisui is a copywriter, author, and certified counselor. He is the author of Discover 21’s 600,000 copy-selling Quote Therapy series and author of the e-mail newsletter3 Seconds to Happiness – Quote Therapy which has 27,000 registered recipients.

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