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Monk’s preachings have a peculiar position in Japanese society. They are so funny sometimes that you just laugh your worries away. Witty, touching, and enlightening. If you are curious, this is the book for you.

“What we are on this earth for is to live until we die. That’s it,” the author writes. This man is an old monk in a northern part of Japan, where Buddhism is still part of their rural, everyday lives. The monk preaches every once in a while at his small temple, and his preachings make people laugh, cry and believe. His wish is for those in sorrows and sufferings to hear this message. “You’ve got your life, that means you have a place for you in this world.” A true wisdom of Buddhism is explained here in simple and humble terms. What is the good life anyway? 


1. Preface

2. Good life, your bonds are treasures

3. Good life, explore your own life

4. Good life, be good to heart and life

5. Postface

About the Author

Eisho Yamamoto is a head monk at Kongo temple of the Tentoku mountain. Born in 1962, Mr. Yamamoto pursued religion in his early days, and went on to study Buddhism at Ryukoku University. For 30 years after his graduation from school, he has been practicing Buddhism. In Fukuoka, the northern part of Japan, he became quite well known among the locals, and now travels to

all parts of Japan to give his preachings to people interested in the good life. 

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