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“What is the latest AI trend?”
“How can I take advantage of AI for my business?”
A leading AI business designer, bridge figure between Silicon Valley and Japan, will show you how to incorporate AI technology into your business.


1. AI Technology Will Transform Every Industry
It is estimated that the world’s GDP will improve by 14% through AI technology, but except for leading nations like United States and China, other countries are still in their developmental and research phase.
2. From Research to Practice
In Japan, with strong support from the government, companies are planning to fully adapt to AI technology by 2020.
3. What Happens with AI Technology? How Will It Change Our Lives?
The author, who was once a project manager of many AI projects at Google in the United States and now is in charge of the network of more than 200 data scientists in Silicon Valley, shares her knowledge on the future of AI technology. She explains it based on three factors: practicality, potential and global adaptation.

About the Author

Tomoe Ishizumi is the CEO of Palo Alto Insight Ltd., an AI business design company that bridges between Japan and Silicon Valley’s AI technology. Ishizumi graduated from Harvard Business School in 2010 and then joined Google in the United States, where she managed numerous AI projects. After Google, she created and sold an AI-based startup for logistics. Now, as well as her role as CEO, she is a regular columnist for major newspapers and business magazines in Japan.

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