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  3. Why Is This Trendy?—The Insight Thinking to Discover Hidden Needs


Do you know why certain words like “Insta-genic,” the movie Your Name, or Poopy Kanji Drill became so trendy in 2017? Can you explain why certain things become popular and evolve into a trend? The inventor of the trendy concepts such as “mild delinquents” and “satori (enlightened) generation” explains how to make and market new concepts to create a trend.

The variety and quantity of products, concepts, and services have reached the “oversaturation” point where we have too many and too much things in the society nowadays. The popular strategy for the advertisement hence has become to make overtly catchy phrases or images to grab attention of the people. However, there is a better way to approach the marketing using a type of thinking called “insight thinking.” The essence is to  to match the needs of the people with what you have. This book explains the art of insight thinking in simple, clear words with real world case studies.



1. Why “Satori Generation” got trendy 

2. One and only principle for trend

3. Making creative brief

4. How to discover insights

5. Explore insights among youth


About the Author

Mr. Yohei Harada is a youth research leader at Hakuhodo Inc.. Mr. Harada has been conducting research on the youth population in Japan and abroad as well as doing marketing at Hakuhodo Inc. In 2003, he was awarded JAAA Advertisement Award and Rookie Award. He is the author of many books and graduated from the Department of Commerce at Keio University.

Our Books