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  4. Why Your Talk Cannot Move People? Communication Skill for the Age of Trust and Value


A successful speech writer in Japan shares a secret to

the communication method that can move people,

which is much more than being logical or friendly.


Why superficial skill cannot take you further?

Why a Japanese celebrity Takeshi Kitano’s talk attracts people?

Why a successful sales person never asks for a favor?

Strongly recommended by many prominent business leaders in Japan!

The new way of communication for the new age,

as taught by a professional communication specialist.


•            The age when communication skill creates a gap in the society

•            Jobs that don’t require communication will be gone

•            Superficial acceptance of diverse values won’t promote communication

•            The communication method 2.0 that can move people

•            You must start practicing communication from the opposite end

•            Your value becomes polished by discarding excess 

•            How to build trust before you digress from from a conversation

•            There’s something more important than courage and honesty

•            If you bow down too much, you lose your stance

•            If you are afraid that you might be saying strange things, that’s actually good



Chapter 1 The Age of Communication Skills Gap

Chapter 2 Why Classical Communication Skills Ineffective?

Chapter 3  Communication Training 2.0 for Inevitable Success

Chapter 4  Communication 2.0 for Moving and Attracting People


About the Author

Yosuke Kageyama

Yosuke Kageyama is a speech writer. Kageyama has been writing business speeches for his clients over many years. His clients include publicly listed companies in Japan, global companies with Japanese branches, startups, politicians, NPO and many more. He has published several books including SpeechWriter: Changing the World through Words and Public Speaking: Communication Skill to Move People.

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