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Why work?

This book will show you the reason people work with quotes from great thinkers from all over the world!

‘I have nothing I want to do’

‘What is talent?’

‘Is your job different from your dream job?’

‘Do you like your current job?’

‘What do people work for?’

Let’s ask the answer to our ‘life seniors’: philosophers, authors, psychologists and historical figures that pondered over such questions.

This book will make you reflect on the reasons behind working, the meaning of talent, effort, and loving your job.



1.Living vs. Living well

2.Do what you love vs. Love what you do

3.Work you like vs. Work that fits you

4.What I want to do vs. What I don’t want to do

5.Try various things in your 20s

6.Rules to attract good luck

7.Create a career that survives society’s changes

8.Work only you can do & work anyone can do

9.Having dreams and goals & putting effort

10. Talent = possibility + constant effort

11. Where is the ‘real you’?

12.  Why work?

13. Japanese way of life and employment system

14. The era we live in

15. Post-modern work theory

About the Author

Tomohiro Toda has degrees in Engineering and Sociology. He has published multiple books on the topic of work and self-growth. This book is the revised version of the national long-seller first published 12 years ago that sold 300,000 copies.

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