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Are you interested in Yoga, but too busy or lazy to make time for it? This is the right book for you then! All you need is just a couple of 10 seconds in your spare times. Easy and effective! 

Yes, we know Yoga is good for our health and beauty, but that doesn’t convince us to make time and space for it in our everyday life. We are too busy, too lazy, and… naturally something like Yoga doesn’t get the priority. In 10 seconds, though, you can get the same benefit that you would get from regular yoga! Is this too good to be true? According to the author, who is 63 years old now, even this super fast, simple yoga can have a significant impact on your life in a long run. This is very persuasive coming from a beautiful woman whose appearance by no means matches her actual age. With this book, Yoga can come into your busy life at last!


1. 10 seconds yoga in restroom

2. 10 seconds yoga in any place

3. Change your future here and now

About the Author

Sakuko Yoshiba is the CEO of Yoga Good Wing. She has been practicing and teaching Yoga for more than three decades. Her students amount to more than 50,000 people. She teaches at several schools and colleges in Tokyo.

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