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The Origin of Zen Movement . Therein lies joy and truth of life

His simple and clear teaching is still alive in and out of Japan. Soto Zen Center at Stanford University is one of the many places in the world that spreads his teaching. The Apple’s founder Steve Jobs is known to be influenced by Sawaki.

Sawaki  lived his life preaching Zen and gave many lectures. This book selects the most essential words of Sawaki  in a compact manner.

“Now! Now! Now! Life is a succession of NOW.”

“Happiness shall not be defined simply by your personal, limited experience of happiness or unhappiness.”

“You are a ghost of the past if you are obsessed with the past and keep your today empty. You are an illusion of the future if you keep looking for the future.

We all must live to the fullest in this moment.”


Chapter 1 Now is all

Chapter 2 Be yourself

Chapter 3 Get away from attachment

Chapter 4 Humans are just humans

Chapter 5 Don’t mind trivial matters

Chapter 6 Don’t be obsessed with your thinking

Chapter 7 We all die one day

Chapter 8 Don’t sit for enlightenment. Just sit

About the Author

Kodo Sawaki is one of the most well-known Japanese Zen Buddhist monks. Born in Mie, Japan, in 1880, he lost his parents early in his life and grew up with his stepfather and stepmother. In 1899, Sawaki renounced the world and became a monk at Eiheiji. He was a wandering monk and taught around different temples around Japan. Later in his life,  he taught at Komazawa University as a visiting professor. He passed away in 1965.

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