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Fujihara, a well-known educator in Japan, writes for junior high school and high school students about how to think about life's many challenges. Answering a variety of questions like: why do people get married? Why do we have go on family trips? Why do grown-ups go to work? Why do we have to study? Why is it that higher powers don’t save every one of us? Am I also going to die one day? Answering these questions and many more in simple, easy-to-understand language, The Book for First-Time Philosophers tackles 25 life-changing topics

Author Kazuhiro Fujihara, the well-known former headmaster of a public junior high school, suggests that in order to apply philosophy to our lives we must keep questioning even the smallest of issues. This refreshing book on philosophy helps readers realize that the field of philosophy isn’t all about dead serious academia, but is rather all about seeing the world from different perspective. A delightful reading for young and old alike that offers us a chance to rethink “life.”


About the Author

Kazuhiro Fujihara

After working in Japan and in Europe doing sales for Recruit Co., Ltd., Fujihara became the principal of Wada Junior High School in Suginami Ward, making him the first individual from the private sector to serve as school principal in the Tokyo public school system. His“Life Studies" course that challenges the principles of career education was awarded the Benesse Prize, and the Wada Junior High Local Headquarters project, which was established as a way to revitalize community relations, received the Hakuho Award. Fujihara’s “Dietary Education,” with self-prepared school lunches and farming experiences forming its core activities, as well as “Reading Activities" at Wada Junior High were both awarded the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize.

Fujihara is currently a special advisor in the field of education to the Osaka Prefecture governor, contributing to the revitalization and improvement of academic performance of elementary, junior high, and high schools in Osaka. 

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