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This fresh take on parenting for mothers and fathers explains how by handling your child’s father as if he were a robot, and making sure that you use him efficiently, you can become more effective parents. Based upon the popular Japanese website “Papa no Nayami Sodan Yokocho,” where dads around Japan come to ask and offer parenting advice, this book offers a completely new take on raising your children.


<The Functions of Dads>

  1. Apart from breastfeeding, dads can do anything!
  2. Dads can help mom relax!
  3. Dads can help bring stability to the family by working!
  4. Daddy fuel is dinner, beer, a child’s smile, and love from mom!

<Warnings about Dads>

  1. When dads get tired, they don’t operate well..
  2. When dads run out of fuel, they can’t run at all.
  3. Sometimes dads get really angry.
  4. All work and no play make dads dull boys.

About the Author

Before his first child was born, Ohta worked for Recruit, a multi-billion dollar grossing company, but left his job to pursue raising his children. Since then he has been involved in a variety of writing and lecturing activities about parenting and education. He is a frequent commentator for newspapers and magazines on men who are actively involved in parenting, as well as how this affects their relationship with their spouse. Ohat is also a regular contributor to All About’s “Otoko no Kosodate” and MSN Tonic’s “Otoko no Kosodate” websites. Ohta holds qualifications as a psychological counselor, a junior high and high school teaching license, and also has experience working as an elementary school teacher. He has written multiple books and is father to a baby boy and girl.

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