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A top lawyer reveals everything they know about rebuttals from their experiences in the courtroom!

Have you ever become irritated when trying to justify a point during a meeting, answer a question after a presentation, reply to an inquiry from a customer, deal with your co-workers, decline an invitation, or talk with your friends and partner?

Weren’t able to immediately find the right answer? Weren’t able to reply quickly enough? Becoming more and more panicked, you find yourself freezing and...

Argue Back teaches all you need to know to counter in any situation.

Lawyer and author of this book, Hirotsugu Kiyama, introduces what he calls “everyday rebuttal techniques,” and teaches how you can put them to use immediately. Give them a try, and you’ll be “arguing back” in no time!


Lawyers’ number one secret: “you don’t have to give a good answer to every question.”

  1. Try responding to a question with a question
  2. Find a way to change the topic without anyone noticing
  3. Always stay on top of the game

Even when you can give a good response to a question:

  1. Constantly look out for illogical statements from your opponent
  2. Be sure to explain why you are right
  3. Provide even further evidence to back yourself up

About the Author

Hirotsugu Kiyama

Hirotsugu Kiyama is a lawyer who has handled a number of significant cases, including the famous Stock Option Lawsuit of 2005. In addition to his career in law, Kiyama also acts as a visiting professor at Aoyama Gakuin University.

He has written a total of 19 books to date, all with the goal "to convey complicated issues in easier words."

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