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This practical handbook, written in the popular comic book-essay format, contains lessons from the Japanese pioneer of protocol and etiquette, Minako Imada, on everything you need to know about becoming a princess. Covers everything from manners to the art of socializing, enabling you to attain the elegance and dignity of a real princess.


- Royal Greeting

- How to Choose Outfits and Accessories

- Table Manners of Princess

- How to Enjoy Royal Tea

- Royal Protocol at Dinner Party

About the Author

Minako Imada 

Imada is a pioneer in the art of etiquette and table setting in Japan. After studying at a number of national patisserie cooking schools and hotels in Europe, she opened the “Salon de L’Art de la Table de Minako Imada,” a self-taught classroom covering topics from table settings, to baking, and etiquette.

She has received numerous awards throughout her career, including the first ever award given by the French government for table setting, and gold medals from Swiss and German national patisseries for her outstanding work.

Kokko Kashiwaya

Kashiwaya is a comic illustrator who has written serials for KERA magazine. In addition to illustration, Kashiwaya worked with the master doll-maker Ryo Yoshida. Being an expert doll-maker herself, Kashiwaya has held doll exhibitions numerous times.

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