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All modern media outlets are in the midst of fierce competition from digital media. Will publishers and television broadcasters be able to survive this period in which technological advances seem to be occurring on a daily basis? Beyond the Horizon is a challenging title that analyzes the latest worldwide paradigm shifts in media; covering topics such as the internet, social media, smart phones, and ultimately providing a prediction of power balances in the media market in 2014.


- Dynamic Changes in the Sales of E-book Devices

- Property Platforms

- Amazon-on-demand and Apple TV

- What will Smart TV Change?

- What will happen to TV Stations, Newspapers, and Publishers?

About the Author

Kazutaka Shimura 

After graduating from Waseda University, Shimura began working at WOWOW, one of the largest satellite television providers in Japan. At the dawn of the 21st century he created and became the executive director of Mobile WOWOW, a mobile community website which acts links television viewers through social media. He spends approximately two months yearly living abroad as a researcher for InfoCom Research, providing the latest reports on trends in television and internet overseas. Shimura earned his MBA from Emory University and is the author of many books. 

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