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The concept of Dan-Sha-Li, a Japanese cluster busting method inspired by Buddhist philosophy designed to make your life more profound with less possessions in hand, is now a massive social movement sweeping its way through Japan. Though there are many publications on the subject of Dan-Sha-Li, this unique volume is written in the form of a comic book essay, a popular genre amongst young female readers.

Through reading comic strips depicting the author's real life episodes, readers can experience her Dan-Sha-Li cleaning spree as if they were their own, taking its methods to heart as they read on, which makes our publication stands out among others as it offers an easy-to-read introduction that first-timers to Dan-Sha-Li can enjoy. Going beyond clutter busting, the book illustrates the kind of processes and methods required to make your life more profound.

When broken down, ”Dan-Sha-Li,” a word based on the Buddhist teachings, means:

Dan – shutting off the incoming overflow

Sha – throwing away the unnecessary

Li – abandoning material desire

We can enjoy a more comfortable, unburdened lifestyle by liberating ourselves from an accumulation of “stuff” and “things” by throwing out the unnecessary.


- Defeat your “can’t-throw-away” mentality; remember that your possessions are not a part of yourself

- Only you can know what is most important in life

- Clarify what you truly want

- 10 changes with Dan-Sha-Li to get your happy cycle going

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About the Author

Junko Suzuki

Suzuki is a popular illustrator, who has been released serials in various comic magazines, as well as published a number of her own comic book anthologies. Her comic Dosugoi!! Maji Koi Donto Koi!! garnered great success as a weekly comic exclusive to mobile phone users. Her latest pursuits include titles outside of the story-comic genre, publishing comic-essays such as Buddhism for First Timers (PHP, paperback), and Buddhist Clutter Busting (Discover 21).

Nobuko Kawabata

Kawabata is a psychotherapist who originally started her career at a management consulting firm. After getting into ‘Dan-Sha-Li,’ her personal record for purging was a whopping 30 garbage bags full of stuff – so much that it had to be carried away on a small truck. Feeling that ‘Dan-Sha-Li’ had an extremely positive influence on her mental well-being, Kawabata is now trying to share ‘Dan-Sha-Li’ methods with a wider audience. 

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