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For those of you about to start your first “real” job

For those of you who have friends who just started working

For those of you who want to improve the way you speak


“Forgive me for interrupting…”

“I am honored to meet you.”

“We appreciate your understanding.”

While these are phrases you might hear often at the workplace, they’re more difficult to use than one might expect. Learn the essentials of business manners, how to use the phone, and more with the 120 phrases in this book.


This new edition of the 2001 best-seller has been updated to reflect the rapid expansion of international business, with all phrases written in Japanese, Chinese and English.

About the Author

Keiko Urano 

Keiko Urano is a communication instructor who supervises corporate trainings at a number of organizations, as well as a lecturer at the business department of the Sanno University of Tokyo. As an independent instructor, Urano specializes in management training, customer service training, new employee training, and instructor training. She has published many books, including HappyBiz 1 – Magical Telephone Techniques , and Business Freshman’s Phrase Book . She has also worked as a communications lecturer at the Japan Telephone and Telegraph User’s Association. Urano passed away in 2010.

Tomoko Matsuo 

After retiring from her position at All Nippon Airways, Matsuo became an employee training instructor, primarily working with the civil service, large corporate organizations, and hospitals. In addition to her activities as a training instructor, Matsuo has written numerous books for a variety of publishers.

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