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If you are suffering from chronically stiff shoulders and headaches, they may be a result of your poorly aligned teeth. Based his on his personal research, Yoshino, a leading figure in Japanese dentistry, illustrates the relationship between tooth alignment and health conditions. Suggesting that the rapid Westernization of everyday routines is the cause of badly aligned teeth, Yoshino provides a variety of ways to improve our health simply by reviving cultural customs.

Yoshino also explores how regenerative therapy is being used in dentistry today, as well as possible uses for it in the future. In dentistry, unlike other medical fields, regenerative therapy methods have been in use for many years, and are now even used in conjunction with advanced implant therapy to assist esthetic restorative treatment. With the demand for more accessible information on regenerative therapy as a potential method for patients to recover their own tissues for a healthier, more beautiful smile, on the rise, Change Your Life provides a thorough yet easy-to-understand explanation of available regenerative therapies illustrated with practical case studies.

The regenerative application of embryonic stem cells (ES cell) collected from fertilized ovum, and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cell) collected from somatic cells, have been receiving more and more attention in the medical field in recent years due to their ability to differentiate and proliferate themselves in many kinds of tissue. Though the clinical application in general dentistry is not yet to available due to the still experimental nature of stem cell research, this book explores the possibilities for their application in dentistry.


About the Author

Toshiaki Yoshino

Yoshino is a doctor of medical dentistry and a specialist in gum disease. He was the youngest individual ever to acquire a medical specialist degree from the Japanese Society of Periodontology, and is still the youngest doctor who teaches specialized courses on gum disease.

After graduating, he opened the Yoshino Dentistry Clinic for Periodontal Diseases Implant Center. At the clinic, Yoshino provides treatment to patients suffering from complicated oral diseases who come from all across Japan to specifically see him. He gives academic lectures both within Japan, as well as overseas, and is a member and lecturer of the Japanese Society of Periodontology, as well as lecturer for the Japan Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (JIADS).

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