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There are many foreigners who want to do business in China, the fastest growing economy in the world; however, problems can occur with Chinese people due to different cultural understandings of what it means to do business. This book analyzes in detail the actions of the Chinese people according to the “Thirty-Six Stratagems" and provides suggestions on how to have trouble free business relations with the Chinese.

The author is Japanese but has worked for many years in the public sector of Hong Kong, and is very knowledgeable about Chinese culture, regions, economics, and business operations.

It is not uncommon to hear of business problems arising between a foreign firm and Chinese firm when doing business. Some people in recent years may have even begun to feel that “Chinese people are unfair,” or think they have been “ripped off” during business dealings. However, behind the actions of Chinese businesspeople lie a set of behaviors that have been developed over during the course of over 1,000 years called the “Thirty-Six Strategems.” If foreign businesspeople want to successfully engage in business with China, they must learn the rules that guide the actions of Chinese businesspeople rather than expect the Chinese to conform to foreign business practices This groundbreaking book reveals why and how the Chinese use the “Thirty-Six Stratagems” in business through real life examples.


About the Author

Masumi Ryou

Ryou was the first Japanese person to work as a permanent staff member in the Honk Kong public sector, and has continued her work there for over 30 years. Ryou does planning, designing and developmental work for trade promotion in the Japanese market. She has written multiple books on the Chinese cultural region's economy and Chinese business practices. Ryou earned a Master of Public Administration MPA, Master of Business Administration MBA, and a PhD in International Studies. 

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