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The “China Dilemma” describes the clash of China’s miraculous economic growth and potential with its ever-increasing military strength and strict government regulations on society, social values, and the dangers they pose.

It is not just Japan, but a multitude of countries across the world that are faced with this “China Dilemma,” troubled by how they should deal with it, how to increase economic opportunities, and how to reduce as much as possible any political and safety risks that could arise from relations with China. Furthermore, countries of the world have been increasingly critical of whether China’s economic growth can continue under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

Author Kohara, who acted as a Japanese diplomat to China for 10 years, provides his commentary on the current state of a “China on the rise,” with a critical analysis of its government, economy, society, diplomacy, and military. 


About the Author

Masahiro Kohara

Masahiro Kohara is a councilor for the Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Graduating from Tokyo University he later earned his Master's Degree in Asia Studies at UC Berkeley. With an intercontinental career, having worked in China, Hong Kong, New York, and Los Angeles, he is currently devoting his time to writing books on diplomacy and international problems.

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