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Yoshiyuki Suzuki, president of the internationally renowned coaching firm Coach A Ltd., presents methods to divide people into four certain personality types so as to help you to learn the most effective communication approaches for each individual.

He explains that people can be categorized into four types: analyzer, controller, promoter, and supporter. In order to have better relationship with your subordinates, bosses, and clients, it is helpful to be aware of which types they all fall into.

Fully illustrated and focusing only on the essentials, this is a perfect introductory guidebook for businessmen.


About the Author

Yoshiyuki Suzuki

Suzuki is the President of Coach A, Ltd, as well as its chief executive coach. He is a master certified coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, and offers coaching training sessions for corporate managers, as well as executive coaching for business owners and executives to help them with organizational reform. He is currently a part-time lecturer at the Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration. 

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