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Professional coaching was first introduced to Japan by the author, who is now CEO of the largest coaching firm in Japan.

The author Mamoru Itoh, the pioneer of coaching who was the first to introduce the methods to Japan, explains everything you need to know about coaching. His original program combining both Western methods and own methodology has made significant improvement to leading corporations that represent Japan, and is highly regarded both domestically and internationally such as receiving praises from USA and China.

“Even though my employees know what they should be doing, why aren’t they doing it?”

“Even though we had a plan, why didn’t we make it happen?”

“Why won’t this organization change?”

If you have ever found yourself considering any of the above, this is the book for you. Mamoru Itoh explains in detail how to utilize coaching skills in management. Complete with illustrations, learn everything about how coaching works from its theory, philosophy, and its practical applications. This is the ultimate coaching bible for both aspiring coaches and business people who want to utilize coaching in management.


About the Author

Mamoru Itoh

Itoh is the CEO of Coach A, Ltd., and the chairman of Discover 21 and Catchball 21 Internet Network Solutions.

Itoh is the first Japan-based master certified coach accredited by the International Coach Federation in Japan, and is also recognized as the pioneer in professional coaching in Japan. 

Itoh has written a variety of books on coaching, including Three-Minute Coach , and Coaching Management: The Revolution of Management .

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