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Yoshiyuki Suzuki, a Certified Coach in Japan, explains in a simple and reader-friendly manner how to use 50 practical coaching skills to optimize people’s potential. Readers can start reading any part of the book, depending on the demand of the situation and which skill one wants to acquire, and can apply that skill right away.


- How to get the client to come up with the answer

- Provide security and confidence

- Provoke aspirations for future prospects

- Give a different perspective

- Encourage active attitude

About the Author

Yoshiyuki Suzuki

Suzuki is the President of Coach A, Ltd, as well as its chief executive coach. He is a master certified coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, and offers coaching training sessions for corporate managers, as well as executive coaching for business owners and executives to help them with organizational reform. He is currently a part-time lecturer at the Kobe University Graduate School of Business Administration. 

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