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If you can learn the same techniques that a magician uses on their audience, you can easily sway whoever you’re talking to without them even noticing!

Magicians become actors during their performance, using “magic” that they’ve received from their viewers to astound and amaze their audience with their incantations and movements – making the “magic” appear.

Though this may sound difficult, the foundations of magic are actually quite simple. All a magician has to do is supply themselves with a unique presentation, and give a truly heartfelt performance to their audience – magic is all about moving spectators.

In Communication Magic, you can learn how to create your own individual performance, just as a magician would, and learn how to apply magic techniques to those you wish to persuade. Whether for sales, negotiations, love, or a job interview, you’ll be surprised at how smoothly you are able to make any conversation go. 

About the Author

Tatsuya Naka

Naka is a stage magician and communication consultant, who took his first steps into the business world selling magic stage tools on the street. He now regularly appears on TV shows as both a performer and contributor, exploring the relationship between stage magic and psychological manipulation.

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