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This book introduces 100 recipes for easy and delicious dishes that can be made for a mere 100 yen each, perfect for single blokes who have no money to waste on cooking. Filled with practical small tips to make your dish taste even better, as well as detailed lists of seasonings, and the best ways to save leftovers, even those who thought they could never manage to make a delicious meal can learn how to easily cook cheap, tasty and healthy meals for themselves.

The author is a group of single blokes who enjoy cooking at home, who call themselves as Kyushokukei Danshi (literally meaning “Cafeteria Food-Style Boys”). Along with the cooking parties and programs organized by the author, this book has been featured on a number of TV programs, magazines, and online news websites, creating a trend for male chefs who can cook good food, save money, and also charm girls. Read this and you may be able to achieve them all.


About the Author

Kyushokukei Danshi

Kyushokukei Danshi (“Cafeteria Food-Style Boys”) is a project and an organization consisting of male illustrators, editors and planners. Using facebook as their primary platform, the members of Kyushokukei Danshi hold monthly events where they cook and share delicious recipes based upon themes like “meat,” “soups,” and “vegetables.”

They are also involved in regional development, and the planning and implementation of actual school lunch menus. As of April 2012, there are 11 members total, and each individual member has his own particular skills, policies, and approaches to cooking, but each shares the goal to “cook, eat, and serve.”

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