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From personality disorders to asperger’s syndrome, the number of people and kinds of communicative disorders are increasing and diversifying. While such disorders may appear to be difficult to cope with, some of those with communicative disorders are “gifted” with genius-level intelligence and skills. Based upon the author’s work with over 5000 patients with communicative disorders, this book explains the signs of a variety of communicative disorders as well as how we can effectively socialize with people who have one.

Message from the author:

“How can I effectively socialize with the people around me who have communicative disorders?

If I’m able to effectively handle my interactions with people who have communicative disorders, will I be able to better care for myself?

In addition to answering these questions, I also explain how by changing the way we view “communicative disorders” we can better understand those who have them.”


・  A psychologist’s view into the lives of those troubled by communicative disorders.

・  How being “gifted” and “different” can become a new kind of talent.

・  Case-by-case approaches to interacting with people with communicative disorders.

・  Self-care: how to become a person who isn’t manipulated by circumstance

About the Author

Masanori Kyoh

Kyoh is head of the Medical Corporation Kyoh Clinic. Kyoh holds master’s degrees in medical science, clinical psychotherapy, and is an industry professional. After gaining experience working as a university lecturer and ward director of a university hospital, Kyoh founded a psychological clinic in Tokyo in 2012. He currently offers exams, lectures, and counseling services. Kyoh has published several books through other publishers.

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