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Author Koga, a seasoned venture capitalist who has worked at some of the most elite companies worldwide, including McKinsey & Company, has directly assisted over 50 companies start-up, develop, and expand their investments. In How to Revolutionize Your Company he explains how we can gain back what was lost during long periods of economic stagnation and depression by revolutionizing the way we approach business.

In order to move forward we must free ourselves from the three pillars of business which have contributed to our downfall more than anything else: 1) strategies based upon choice and centralization  2) overreliance on medium-term management plans  3) customer-centric policies.

While these concepts might sound difficult, don’t be fooled by the author’s qualifications – this isn’t a book written for hardcore consultants or management pros. Rather, The End of Corporations is a title for business professionals new and veteran alike. After all, it is us – not some mysterious and unseen board of stuffy CEOs and other high-ups – who have the power to change the very face of corporate culture.

Providing concrete, real-world examples of revolutionary business practices from companies like General Electric, Google, Toyota, Yahoo, and Honda, Koga examines “the way things are” and “the powers that be” from the inside out. Readers will gain an entirely new and life-changing perspective on what it means to be a part of the business world, as well as how their actions can contribute to positive change. 


Prologue: You Have the Power to Change Old Corporate Culture

Chapter One: Break Away from Strategies of Choice and Centralization

Chapter Two: Don’t Waste Your Time on Medium-Term Management Plans

Chapter Three: Stop Believing that the Customer is Always First

Epilogue: A Final Roar

About the Author

Koga is a venture capitalist as well as the president of Will Capital Management, Inc. As an independent venture capitalist he has helped over 50 companies start-up, develop, and expand their investments. Koga is a graduate of the Waseda University School of Political Science and Economics, and is currently a fellow of the Kyoto University Office of Society-Academia and a guest professor at the Ryukoku University of Economics. 

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